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Fragment 34

A large inch sliver of my wedding ring finger,

Lodged between razor blades.

A tinge of excruciation every time I bump it.

The blood that doesn’t stop until I seal it with the sting of black powder potassium ferrate.

And I get home to the internet connection again for the first time in 12 hours to claws again.

I’m stuck with nothing to say.

Stuck not explaining or caring.

Wedged between the commonality and the opposites

Trapped wondering if I should even bother because there’s a million other places and people calling me.

Tied living in doubt of my accuracy.

My bed seems closer,

Yet, less comforting and less confusing.

I just want to show someone all the places Eden hides.

Introduce someone to all the one of a kinds.

My words hang like gallows being near another slice of flesh today and how much more that imaginary one will out do the real one.

An eraser or a pen, a conversation or an idea, a rough beginning or premature end,

And a wheel of fortune spins.

Maybe I’ll buy a better body like every other American,

A new front door,

Then let just pretty fleeting things grace my floor.


Perhaps I’ll just lie on the soaked ground until this expired body finally lets my electricity go or I turn into a mountain.


Fragment 10.317

Rage against the dying light friends. The world’s going to need us. They always do. ❤



Food for thought after reading that 90% of all coupled active Twitter users are cheaters. Active =>2 hours monthly. Proven fact. Didn’t realize it’s the free Ashley Madison of the internet. Suppose  it’s definitely not my tribe there and I want no part of it again.

Sigh the current state of romance and other things that make me think of moving to Montana and having food airlifted in. Training eagles and wolves sounds like a better life than “trending” lies.