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Fragment -3.3

Lines should be as blurred as sandy white noise and the brass between thievery, flattery, and the black blood of decision sprayed across the room.

Mind those deltas following suit.


Fragment 34

A large inch sliver of my wedding ring finger,

Lodged between razor blades.

A tinge of excruciation every time I bump it.

The blood that doesn’t stop until I seal it with the sting of black powder potassium ferrate.

And I get home to the internet connection again for the first time in 12 hours to claws again.

I’m stuck with nothing to say.

Stuck not explaining or caring.

Wedged between the commonality and the opposites

Trapped wondering if I should even bother because there’s a million other places and people calling me.

Tied living in doubt of my accuracy.

My bed seems closer,

Yet, less comforting and less confusing.

I just want to show someone all the places Eden hides.

Introduce someone to all the one of a kinds.

My words hang like gallows being near another slice of flesh today and how much more that imaginary one will out do the real one.

An eraser or a pen, a conversation or an idea, a rough beginning or premature end,

And a wheel of fortune spins.

Maybe I’ll buy a better body like every other American,

A new front door,

Then let just pretty fleeting things grace my floor.


Perhaps I’ll just lie on the soaked ground until this expired body finally lets my electricity go or I turn into a mountain.

Fragment -2.4

There was a time I would chase you.

One where I’d want to win so much I’d fold all my pieces I can tell you would adore before peacocking around in displays of a lesser love.

I’d flirt like an Eames Era harlot, victim, or assassin depending on the best to suit you.

These falseness fangs allude me most days now.

I’m tired.

More human than ever.

And it just doesn’t interest me really. Not quite like getting to know someone’s bones or celebrating their victories over their loses.

It’s left me on other planets.

Or swimming in tesseracts far from the fingerprints of such a vain instant gratification world.


Left me in such solitude, I already so greatly admire and adore, I may just dissipate much like I appear.

So I leave it to everyone else to ask about what they need to know about me before just flittering back to the places stars are born.

I used to care about this more too.

I’d feel bad about owing someone something for their time or attention.

But it’s beyond me lately.

It’s my hair I’m growing to several feet of length for other dues or dedications.

It’s the only thing I can do after work for other people anymore.

Evol Evolution

Years ago, I met some of my favorite fellows in a chat room promoting music. Still some of the best damned blues my constantly searching soul has passed to date and this song was discovered not 2 but almost 11 years ago if that lets you know that number passed thousands by now. Their write up ending sentiment probably best describes my current actual state.—> Love spelled wrong, backwards and reborn. Open to perception but I’ll leave a special note: no tears at all and no coming back.

Someone asked about truth in my writing recently as well, there’s always at least mostly truth in my words it’s just not always mine except by word of mouth and I’ll never tell you which is which here. The other place, unless it says to the contrary: all accurate descriptions/depictions perhaps at times just spliced.  *grin*. xoxo

Fading Fast


Forfeited hands,

Leading me directly

Into a vanishing version of me.

But this time,

I am frightened

By the smell

Of decay.

The loss so deep

Because I can’t smell

You in person,

It’s killing me.

Like a flower that once

Grew wild-

Now only a trinket


Between the pages of your

Favorite antiqued book.

Between short quips,

And longer stories of

How we used to run

In the summer’s rain.

Speak to me,

Let me memorize

The way you pronounce

Every letter of the alphabet

So I can breathe again.

And I’m not gasping to inhale

Your dictated

Expressions of love.

The deprivation

Now merely a house

I never leave.

And my skin slowly

Growing pale.

And my liver

Failing to thrive-


Touch slowly,

Every inch again.

So I may awaken

My fallen self

And grow in the warmth

Of your body next to mine,

As it should be.

My fingers trailing

All of that pelt.

Before I climb to kiss those lips

I adore.

And light the sky

Brighter than the blinding sun

At equinox between summer and fall.

Words: M(e.)

Languishing Rose: NadavDov

Your temporary replacement: City and Colour – Blood





Hubris is Rising, I say.


Fighting the battle daily

Of the new found movement of unrealistic reality.

My heart screams no,

As it attempts to control the bleed

Created by the lack of inclination.

The war rages heavily on,

Marking each new meeting

It’s very own two sided coin.

And my hands tremble at the thought

Of the required flip.

I used to be so very sure.

I used to let my glowing loving fire,

Dictate my fate-

Because I knew it was civilized.

But tapered swords

Replaced earnest convention

As I melded into

The funeral pyre of anti-climatic commonality.

And I’m left torn between who I am and who I was

With no desire-

Sorrowing for the writer

Like it wasn’t even me typing the soliloquy.

I hope I’ll make it back home at the end of the story.
Words: M(e.)

Soldier of Growing Indifference:budmedia

Song of the New Temporary Assembly: Black Mountain- Queens Will Play