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Fragment Movement 4.2

Short notice,

New artsy dining tables,

blue vintage-ish sleeper sofa,

An apartment on the river,

A new star delivery,

Better rest,

My favorite parts of town,

And just so much more beautiful serenity twined serendipity.

Counting the dreams until settled.

I’m going everywhere it calls ❤

You coming? 🙂


Futures 1.0

Present to myself goal in 18 months as I sing the end of the dead breed and learn to be a sinner saint.

Wicked red forty eight special fits baby. Watch the dust, please.

Black velvet hair and first time banshee bangs sound divine in the mean time.

Don’t think I’ll recognize myself either. Good thing,

I’m going to outrun the bounty you think you still have on me.

Fragment 9.788

My hand held the brush expertly,

Coloring the sun,

On everything passed,

As I gently inhale life-

Back into my lungs

Between each flowing stroke.

Attentive to every corner

In need of covering,



Plucking last seasons wings,

Before tonight’s

Contented sleep

For the 6th week in a row

After so many years

Of insomnia’s bothersome goblin fiend.



Four-lane élan Vital


75 miles from home,

Stuck somewhere between neither here nor there.




Not a moment to think.

I don’t want to relive

So many long faded things.

But in this light,

It all looks so appealing.

Just like the sky fire in the distance,

Reminding me of that inner fire

You hide so deep.

Is that how you catch  your prey?

With those soft lips,

Releasing so many faded lines.

Not like the dark ink of the printed press.

Much more like a promise you left in the yard too long.

Good thing, I trimmed it just last month,

And it’s winter now so it can rejuvenate.

75 miles to remind me that the spring comes,

Whether I’m prepared or not.

Rebirth is now a welcomed changed

From such long washed-out things.

Perhaps I just need to try new seeds,

After the chaff is hulled,

the rain falls,

And I am fed.

Words: (m)e.

Storm Usher: Timbodon

My favorite comfort for a dark day : The Tallest Man on Earth – It will Follow the Rain