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Fragment -3.3

Lines should be as blurred as sandy white noise and the brass between thievery, flattery, and the black blood of decision sprayed across the room.

Mind those deltas following suit.


Fragment -2.4

There was a time I would chase you.

One where I’d want to win so much I’d fold all my pieces I can tell you would adore before peacocking around in displays of a lesser love.

I’d flirt like an Eames Era harlot, victim, or assassin depending on the best to suit you.

These falseness fangs allude me most days now.

I’m tired.

More human than ever.

And it just doesn’t interest me really. Not quite like getting to know someone’s bones or celebrating their victories over their loses.

It’s left me on other planets.

Or swimming in tesseracts far from the fingerprints of such a vain instant gratification world.


Left me in such solitude, I already so greatly admire and adore, I may just dissipate much like I appear.

So I leave it to everyone else to ask about what they need to know about me before just flittering back to the places stars are born.

I used to care about this more too.

I’d feel bad about owing someone something for their time or attention.

But it’s beyond me lately.

It’s my hair I’m growing to several feet of length for other dues or dedications.

It’s the only thing I can do after work for other people anymore.

Fragment 30.0

He said was married for a long time,

Searching my eyes for a flickering flight.

Another time and his eyes would have melted every inch of my smile.

Any other time his body would have been a welcome visitor of beds between stop lights and stories of nights passed by.

But all that’s left of me,

Is just a fight to survive.

A long roadside explosion

Leaving next to nothing behind.

There are hours,


Years behind,

With a skip left to climb.

It’s looming so heavy,

Like my frame once had,

Like the 70 hour work weeks of the last 2 months have.

But it’s the year of the earth dog and I’m going to learn to swim in the serendipity again.

With the animals that know death is a figment because consciousness is bigger than that, the people that figure it out, and the scientists closer to proving it today ❤️

Quartile Quarterly Physiology

Visions of a comfortable hut with smoke billowed like clouds.

Night visits,

Of a boy in red trying to facet a new kind of door that takes a certain type of dedication,

A intimate intricacy to open.



Favorite gleams of memories,

Puzzle games of stone,

Quietude laced with dying fireflies,


Dreams interlocking with scenes imbibed among sweet treat treasures.

Then the gaze I cannot turn around while I watch with lullaby heart beats that he sings along with but doesn’t feel like he once could.

A Nightsky, all about Formica swirls paying the dues while all I do is remain loyal and lost in the evening dew strewing around the world like this is the place I’d rather have lived with before a botched suicide or two.

Words: m(e)

Timberlands Tim and his star stride: David Schermann

Creed of the forest fires and the people that set them:

Fragment 11.983

Forgive me, this is now months old. I felt cleaning drafts was due before years end. Interesting topic, as I, myself date older men. But there’s a line somewhere in 2016, no? Here’s to thinking one grew out of his teens just because the years passed and someone that would never ❤

Start tyrate after a 6 hour drive and too much time to think with my beautiful daughter next to me:

What sort of man incites such malice with in a kind heart like mine? One that thinks it’s funny to hit on my 15 year old daughter. One, that expects me to buy him unending beers. One, that leaves me in front of a busy hotel to meet a gaggle of men asking me why I’m an irish girl in part of town I don’t belong in, alone outside. The sort, that sits in a car silently, phone in hand, as I stave off a 6’3′ man accosting me in a parking lot I also didn’t belong in that all the while pretends he loves me.  But mostly, a 40 yo man wanting a child. I will always protect before I partake in anything selfish. If two 15 year olds had children, You’re practically old enough to be her grandfather.  Get it now?

So, enjoy the reality. The true one, not  some I’m  misunderstood delusion. I wonder if there is a public list for this man’s kind. Stop coming here as well. You are also not welcome to steal my writing for your own inspiration either.

In the meantime, perhaps a decent girl proving her point can be finished with a disappointment beyond imagination. Thanks for the momentary loss of faith in humanity. Good thing, I know how to make it, share it, give it, instead of take it.





untitled: longing 1583

Let the comet dust fall again,

In hallowed glory,


Brazen upon entry and

Upon this wounded spirit of mine.

Let the waves of wonder

Never cease to amaze my tired eyes.

I’m not going gently.

With a bang,

And blazing rara avis,

Until there’s no warm blood left

In this fragile body of mine.

The universe and this years medicine

Of the dragon kind  for an old soul

Misplaced in this time.


Join me for the next few weeks if you like? 😉

(P.s.I’ll just be thinking of my friends and family in Florida for a couple days though)


Fragment 10.267

The world askew,

The invention of false outlets,

Where you can write yourself anew,

For my entire span to date,

While I was still watching

The sunset in a field,

With the animals

And my flute

Connecting with the vibrations of the living world.

Tuning into me, them, it,

With every inhale

The exhale

Creating beautifully loved

Bubbles of thought

despite the ill.


I’ll go sit alone

On the pond and bench

Erected in dedication

Where we buried my cousin,

Because we used to catch bullfrogs in terrace ponds in summer

Crawdads in fall,

Grasshoppers for bait,

While we laugh whole heartedly and fish there,

Because I miss the life in the world too much.

While I hum him another

Orchestra I wrote

That will never see paper,

Due to the state of green money and it’s current rule.

I just need to smile like that,

Family of mine,

Where there was always time

And love never had some sort of ruling or end.

I miss all 22 of you kindred of mine.

And if they are right,

I’ll see you all in the blink of a benevolent eye

Where my red poppy fields are abundant,

While my imagination erects that light emitting palace,

Situated on the perfect floating star cloud beyond time.

The downside however,

I don’t know if I just miss you all,

Or I’m stricken with grief because humanity isn’t very beautiful anymore.