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Fragment 9.285

Lessons I’m still learning. But at least I’m closer. This gentelman has been on the same path and shares a lot I have learned over the past few years.
I have a type,for my entire life- sigh. I’ve learned however to actually stop hanging on and inhibiting another’s personal growth. Their path is not mine. The want for someone like me is to heal the most broken souls. I believe now more than ever,I should work on my own first


Fragment 8.014

Sacrifice holds the hand of dedication,


The adornments of mourning laments.

So today’s western star message accompanied

The streaked fiery pink horizon

Just above ocean blue dinner happenstance.

“You don’t drown by falling in the water;

You drown by staying there.”- Edwin Louis Cole

Or holding onto things that passed

Several infinitudes ago.

Those boulders others carry sometimes,

Should be used to build something

Celestially new, like nebulas of happiness anewed.

So make sure you roll those up to the mountain side too.

They are never for another to handle for you.




Fragment 9.03

The solid ground,

Replenishes with every element.

Changes only under the momentary

Permanent scorching of rebirth in the form

Of ash fructifying barren landscapes.

Forrest fires should be more

Adequately chosen

By visitors that pass,

As they inattentively drop

Their selfish burning wants

Upon it’s shell.

It is guaranteed

To outlast it all-

For the remainder of the centuries.

Like the haggardly cowboy,

Illusively seeking

His own-




Few short seasons of destiny.

Dressed in black,

Prepared for every

Ceremonial dedication

To the insignificant

Breath gasped by the living,

As they are ushered back into

The cold black silken sheets

Of life’s only certain guarantee.


Fragment 8.001

Funerals every 120 days or less,

For 1890 days in a row-

Make it hard to smile.

But I do.

I will.

People just don’t understand,

Because they’ve never lived these tragedies

So many days,

Making sure to remember:

The bountifulness of living,

Of carrying on,

Of remembering the sun still rises.

And it still takes my breath away every time.

All of it most days now makes me wonder-

Who will I be on the other side of tragedy?

How many I meet, will remember this with me?



Past: Oasis

oasis_by_lashellevalentine-d9dzitt*This was marked August 15, 2015. I suppose I wrote a plea just before the end and let it sit on the shelf unattended. I am never sure what to do with such things because by the time I think this way, I’ve already set myself free.

Oh, timing you’re an odd item, aren’t you?


Make my wild heart sing,

And not just with your fervent passion

Just before we sleep

But in the morning with your guitar,

Coffee, omelets, and succulent melodies.

Before we travel the world to help change things

Help the tired sleep,

Give of ourselves to others

Because we both love



And contagious happy memories.

Holding the door longer than others

To help keep them from the rain

Making them smile

With the entirety of our own being.

The being of us,

Our love,

And how beautiful

Together just about everything can be.

Help me, help us remember living

Before the world tried to destroy joy,

Only to replace it with hostility.

Let’s find tenderness again,

Even in the most mundane things.

Discover again,

The balance of the the lush oasis

Long before the desert was the only

Part of humanity left to see.

Words: M(e.)

Undelivered Meeting Place: LashelleValentine

The Hidden Ever-present Carry On: First Aid Kit- Silver Lining




Fragment 6.323

Baldr,  I hope you know your Nanna when you see her. If it were me, I wouldn’t know. Would I really want to since the muses do what they want to do with me? Isn’t her  legacy to die of a broken heart in the end too? Anyhow, I’m certain this world will make it a difficult task to accomplish. But that tempest surrounding you is familiar to me. So please, don’t stop being wholehearted, pure, and beautiful when the storm is through. As I head off for Spring as I always do, planting flowers in soil followed by summer beaches instead of words, I hope I can leave you with something that helps you heal.



Or would that be ❤ Eir

Differential Epilogue

_origin_Tresdienai-7 (1)

Dedicated to my soul’s twin sister of a quickly nearing 20 years.

Men please do not forget to be gentle with your doe eyed dearests.


No sorrowing this time,

Just a strange

Vacancy of thought.

No grief of trespass

Laden with culpability.

Only dreams,

That could be-

Grown again.

With out all of the

Midnight yowling

And blame

Soaked in superiority.


As the heroine,

Arriving home-

Greeted by a smiling face.

Even when she’s walled in,

Buckled up,

Hiding from the

Horrors on the other side

Of that world’s door.

On a day where she

Couldn’t save any one.

She couldn’t rebuild


The smile would only fade to

concern and  soft,

Capable hands.

Waiting to ground a curbed,

Squall of the electricity-

Mushrooming  with in.

His hand reaches for the guitar,

of her only saving grace,

A song,




Playing so meaningfully

Like they were both still young.

And the world an ocean

Of every pleasant possibility.

So she can be reminded of

How soft she really can be.

Just like the white daisies,

He grew  for her on sunny days.

Because really she’s only

A timid deer hiding in thicker skin

For protection.

So now she’s saved once again.


Not forsaken or forgotten.

Remolded in the palm of a

Much more benevolent man.

That’s how it should always end.

That’s how agony turns into carry on.

Words: M(e.)

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