Now on to the rambling or would that be rambling on:

Over time here, I  have developed a side of myself through sharing and reading of thoughts.

Convoluted as they are, they’re usually seemingly deep or about my personal healing as of late because there is no in-between.

Other times they’re a travel through my past or a wishing need expressed with the best of me. So welcome to the ever changing coin flip that seems to consistently be me.

I am actually nothing more than a sweet, cute girl next door with a controlled wild streak that laughs too loud when her friends are around.

Sometimes I’m funny, but the day has to be carefree and paired with the openness of others close to me to coax this mask out of the vault.

And deeper still,

I am no professed writer.

I’m more of a Houdini prone to being enthralled with whatever project I’m working on in most all mediums.

I belong to most of the muses and not my own self well save Clio and Melpomene.

If  were to label myself (outside of  mother hood….college  ..and the winter that leaves me  captive indoors to write…)

I’m either an abstract painter currently out of practice


or re-inventionist (i.e. the steam-punk gypsy wedding converse with handmade metal logos and blue velvet laces-revamped for a friend)


Or I’m planning and working on my next Halloween themed yard scare. We’re huge horror movie fans.

Like this 9ft entrance to our Silent Hill themed extravaganza completed with my adopted neighbor daughter.Oh and the walkway of fire paired with our spider mannequin victim  with cosmetology head not visible here.


And this last year’s Insidious theme with a walled in yard and bloody candle vigil,

Regards and whiskey to my fellow variants 😉

And still there’s the former hardcore gamer side.The fractal artist. The sound bit music maker. and  The Indie DJ  when myspace was for music that stalked enough garage/local bands to be considered spam.

Even though I’m quite romantic,  I am not actively seeking love. I was born a wild outlaw before I was taught to be kind. And it takes quite some time to gain my trust. I’m just wired this way despite having love lines that would make poets blush. Good luck.

So there’s that.

If you want/must know …it seems to take years for me to reveal a lot even in my friendships.

I may also love my original print Morrison hotel on vinyl more than most anyone who isn’t related by similar genetic make up or a long time friend from my youth. And my bright red muscle car. And John Lee Hooker on any given Thursday. Or 1960 Ian Anderson in his best bohemian boots directly via YouTube when I’m having bad luck because he taught me how to play the flute in the forest. So there’s that.

I am on own mountain journey, desert romp, and stories to collect before I actually return home. What ever that means also.

I am more quirky than normal.

I don’t fit into one generation so no shuffling me into a box.

Just ask if you want to know.

I walk a fine line between both science and art in daily life.

Cheers to “left and right” braininess as well.

I do not like to argue much unless it’s non-confrontational rhetoric of course. Honestly however, that won’t engage me long.

I like pushing boundaries of creativity and thought in a social context. (see re-invention-ist)

Conformity suffocates me because freedom and originality are all I need to make life worth living.

Scarily, this may just be the start. Welcome also to my delicately worded curse/chaos. So that button on the side labeled like, is more than enough.

On the other hand, just have a laugh at my feeble attempts at sharing the complexity of being.Oh, then there’s this sensual side nestled  

Read, eat, and be anything but pompous


29 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks so much for visiting and following my blog! I appreciate it very much. I’ve enjoyed my visit here and look forward to following your posts. :- D

    1. Thank you for stopping by my little place here 🙂 I am glad you enjoyed and I anticipate your future posts as well. If your vintage camera post is a sign of things to come, I can only imagine what you are capable of achieving!~e.

      1. Thank you so much have not been on line been looking after an ill sister over holidays

  2. Hello light in the dark
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and follow,you are welcome.


  3. Hello! its wonderful to meet you. Thanks for following me. You have a lot of beautiful work here! I’m very eager to read more of it! All my best! 🙂

    1. The pleasure is also mine. Thank you so very much for riffling through my pages. I do hope you enjoyed as much as I enjoyed your writing. I definitely will have to make some time to read more. 🙂

      1. Absolutely! I love the way you construct your work. Feels a lot like some of mine! See you again soon!

  4. Interesting, quirky bio….but then, no two if us are the same, and that’s what makes us unique!
    To fit into one age, one generation is to confirm, to fit in any, is freedom….so live life your way, however it may be, enjoy it, and come the end, you can honestly say you lived a life of no regrets!

    1. Well hello there 🙂 and welcome All truths I strive to live by in there. I do love that freedom, so glad you caught that. 😉 And honestly think that’s the best advice. I’ll keep working on that no regrets business. Sounds like too much fun to miss *grin*

  5. THANKS!! I love the music I discovered on your blog!! Have you ever listened to an American Prayer? Jim Morrison solo post-mortem album with The Doors doing music for background of his poems??? I love The Doors to my opinion is the only band that was as much in advance on his time as The Velvet Undergrounds and The STooges. I wrote a really long post about Jim Morrison’s death, it’s called Is Everybody In. Anyways You are the kind of follower I am proud to have as I am proud to be one of yours. Peace Out and keep up YCL!! Peace Out!

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