The best has always… yet to come

Halloween carnival games finished minus two uber gallons of stain free blood  left to make for pluck the eye ball.

Prizes and prize candy bought and sorted.

Costumes done.

Carnival exit, porch, and black out completed.

Woo I already feel like I’m behind

And uber excited.

Stoked, as an understatement.

These toys are amazing. Thinking some of these lizard lip gummies are all mine 😂

Sign painting, table refinishing, porch touch ups, and gagas gatsby wall slated for tomorrow while I study

Here’s to hoping this sticks with me until I’m wearing purple. And I just shower gummie body parts year round and cackle maniacally at the end of my life, maybe 👻❤️

Life goals, right? Ha.


P.s. (I was serious when I said find someone else ya boring yahoo. You’re touching my art and refacing it as your own. That’s still infringement and theft.)


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