Fragment 10.267

The world askew,

The invention of false outlets,

Where you can write yourself anew,

For my entire span to date,

While I was still watching

The sunset in a field,

With the animals

And my flute

Connecting with the vibrations of the living world.

Tuning into me, them, it,

With every inhale

The exhale

Creating beautifully loved

Bubbles of thought

despite the ill.


I’ll go sit alone

On the pond and bench

Erected in dedication

Where we buried my cousin,

Because we used to catch bullfrogs in terrace ponds in summer

Crawdads in fall,

Grasshoppers for bait,

While we laugh whole heartedly and fish there,

Because I miss the life in the world too much.

While I hum him another

Orchestra I wrote

That will never see paper,

Due to the state of green money and it’s current rule.

I just need to smile like that,

Family of mine,

Where there was always time

And love never had some sort of ruling or end.

I miss all 22 of you kindred of mine.

And if they are right,

I’ll see you all in the blink of a benevolent eye

Where my red poppy fields are abundant,

While my imagination erects that light emitting palace,

Situated on the perfect floating star cloud beyond time.

The downside however,

I don’t know if I just miss you all,

Or I’m stricken with grief because humanity isn’t very beautiful anymore.





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