Fragment 9.285

Lessons I’m still learning. But at least I’m closer. This gentelman has been on the same path and shares a lot I have learned over the past few years.
I have a type,for my entire life- sigh. I’ve learned however to actually stop hanging on and inhibiting another’s personal growth. Their path is not mine. The want for someone like me is to heal the most broken souls. I believe now more than ever,I should work on my own first


3 thoughts on “Fragment 9.285

  1. well I was not sure I would like Diego’s video – but he is an amazing counselor – what a gift.
    and love the point about not taking others’ probs…. oh and the robert info:

    “first 5 times went for someone else – the 6th time he went for himself….”

    well thanks for sharing and have a good day.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed 🙂 I like him mostly because he’s very relaxed and open minded. A breath of fresh air to me compared to many of the others that make these sort of things

      1. thanks for the reply – and I have not seen many others so I cannot compare – but like D – have a great day

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