Fragment 8.468

This is what the world is like to me currently.

As in, idiocracy, the movie in front of me daily.

How does one kill a fear of their own, entire, society?

An ode to modernity-

Log in,

So you can tune out.

Scream and shout,

Like you’re all the entire world’s about.

Spread your freedom

Like hatred laced purple kool aid

Just so you can line up

For the next phone

That’s taken the place

Of where your personality used to be.

And light the night,

With screens of idioms

Wearing masks of


Just so you can ask,



You never sleep

To add another pill

To the growing pile of things

Entitled, ego boosting,

You must  collect them all.

Like people are capturable-

To fill the void created in your solitary headspace.

The real human race.


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