Front Porch Hints of Absolute

imageThe nameless,

meowed stirringly

As I exited.

Not just the house,

but the summer’s life whims of others.

This time I sigh,

I have grown weary

of a life filled with seasonal beings.

Swallowing this truth,

like a pill that sticks in the throat

I begin to inspect  the current state

The wounds from fighting he always has

The current weight loss

New spots that now adorn his

Pristine white coat,

As though this short passing

Solstice had stained us both.

Yet, we both seemed more content

Than the year prior.

Uncertain really,

That 100 days should truly hold such a vast amount of change.

Yet, it had.

So I lovingly greet him with a smiling honesty I myself had yet to know.

Gently, caressing his favorite places,

I grin and say,

‘You’re early,

Or right on time cursed familiar

I never really know.’

As I exit the porch,

Close the car door,

And only make less time

For the important things.





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