Past: Oasis

oasis_by_lashellevalentine-d9dzitt*This was marked August 15, 2015. I suppose I wrote a plea just before the end and let it sit on the shelf unattended. I am never sure what to do with such things because by the time I think this way, I’ve already set myself free.

Oh, timing you’re an odd item, aren’t you?


Make my wild heart sing,

And not just with your fervent passion

Just before we sleep

But in the morning with your guitar,

Coffee, omelets, and succulent melodies.

Before we travel the world to help change things

Help the tired sleep,

Give of ourselves to others

Because we both love



And contagious happy memories.

Holding the door longer than others

To help keep them from the rain

Making them smile

With the entirety of our own being.

The being of us,

Our love,

And how beautiful

Together just about everything can be.

Help me, help us remember living

Before the world tried to destroy joy,

Only to replace it with hostility.

Let’s find tenderness again,

Even in the most mundane things.

Discover again,

The balance of the the lush oasis

Long before the desert was the only

Part of humanity left to see.

Words: M(e.)

Undelivered Meeting Place: LashelleValentine

The Hidden Ever-present Carry On: First Aid Kit- Silver Lining





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