Dissipation Apparition Relinquishing


I can’t believe she disappeared.

If it had been a fading,

It would be an easy pill to take.

But the memory replays everything you say,

Or said,

Like it’s still the same moment,

With a tired face,

That replaced the young one she used to see.

One song on repeat,

Too many times to sway

Fate to darken your door today-

O any new day.

And before you ask why,

Know the tears soaked too many of your musings

To see,

To clearly discern those yesterdays.

The faded, aged, and warped glass

Makes you seem even less

Kind and earnest than you were –

Like when you were so tender in all your ways.

Akin to a second skin of another man,

She would have never even spoken to.

And now all she can see is the stranger,

Not a single piece of who you used to be.

And aren’t those drifters ever so frightening

To such an unassuming thing-

You used to know she’d always be.

Which is why she slipped,

So very quietly away,

When your eyes were jaded

And you were looking the other way.

Her lips,  sealed tight-

Because what was there left to say,

Weren’t you just an outlander,

Last she checked anyway?

Words: M(e.)

Decamped Specter: littlemewhatever

Forlorn Fabrication Fusion: Justin Vernon – A Song for a Lover of Long Ago


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