Evol Evolution

Years ago, I met some of my favorite fellows in a chat room promoting music. Still some of the best damned blues my constantly searching soul has passed to date and this song was discovered not 2 but almost 11 years ago if that lets you know that number passed thousands by now. Their write up ending sentiment probably best describes my current actual state.—> Love spelled wrong, backwards and reborn. Open to perception but I’ll leave a special note: no tears at all and no coming back.

Someone asked about truth in my writing recently as well, there’s always at least mostly truth in my words it’s just not always mine except by word of mouth and I’ll never tell you which is which here. The other place, unless it says to the contrary: all accurate descriptions/depictions perhaps at times just spliced.  *grin*. xoxo


5 thoughts on “Evol Evolution

    1. Much appreciated. They are even more appealing in person, infectious almost. I rarely forget their best stories of losing their sax player in the gutters. Though I try and be logical, I know no other world beyond the many forms of sentiment most of the time 😉

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