Fading Fast


Forfeited hands,

Leading me directly

Into a vanishing version of me.

But this time,

I am frightened

By the smell

Of decay.

The loss so deep

Because I can’t smell

You in person,

It’s killing me.

Like a flower that once

Grew wild-

Now only a trinket


Between the pages of your

Favorite antiqued book.

Between short quips,

And longer stories of

How we used to run

In the summer’s rain.

Speak to me,

Let me memorize

The way you pronounce

Every letter of the alphabet

So I can breathe again.

And I’m not gasping to inhale

Your dictated

Expressions of love.

The deprivation

Now merely a house

I never leave.

And my skin slowly

Growing pale.

And my liver

Failing to thrive-


Touch slowly,

Every inch again.

So I may awaken

My fallen self

And grow in the warmth

Of your body next to mine,

As it should be.

My fingers trailing

All of that pelt.

Before I climb to kiss those lips

I adore.

And light the sky

Brighter than the blinding sun

At equinox between summer and fall.

Words: M(e.)

Languishing Rose: NadavDov

Your temporary replacement: City and Colour – Blood






5 thoughts on “Fading Fast

    1. aw thank you, you are too kind. A greater loss if you will. Being a person that thrives on touch, smells, and taste in a world of screens- I am left longing for more than love most days 😉

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