Fragment 4.241

Humming with every sway.

Eyes closed as the smoke passes by.

White sage, a superstitious remedy.

Just in case.

Transported by imagination,

To that interstellar plane

When dreams cavort with feeling. 

And every last exhausting drop

Of a beautifully busy,

Enlightening day reminds me of the gifts 

I forget in the concrete park of yesterday. 

And I fly like the hawk

Remembering my wings know the way.


4 thoughts on “Fragment 4.241

  1. BEAUTIFUL. such a wonderful theme. Remembering who we are at our hearts core and choosing to be that person as the world does everything it can to change us. Lovely, L.

    1. Indeed and beautifully put. It’s all still very new to me, surrender. The oceans, at times, drowning seas. However, I rather enjoy the halcyon peace it seems to bring recently ๐Ÿ˜‰

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