Differential Epilogue

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Dedicated to my soul’s twin sister of a quickly nearing 20 years.

Men please do not forget to be gentle with your doe eyed dearests.


No sorrowing this time,

Just a strange

Vacancy of thought.

No grief of trespass

Laden with culpability.

Only dreams,

That could be-

Grown again.

With out all of the

Midnight yowling

And blame

Soaked in superiority.


As the heroine,

Arriving home-

Greeted by a smiling face.

Even when she’s walled in,

Buckled up,

Hiding from the

Horrors on the other side

Of that world’s door.

On a day where she

Couldn’t save any one.

She couldn’t rebuild


The smile would only fade to

concern and  soft,

Capable hands.

Waiting to ground a curbed,

Squall of the electricity-

Mushrooming  with in.

His hand reaches for the guitar,

of her only saving grace,

A song,




Playing so meaningfully

Like they were both still young.

And the world an ocean

Of every pleasant possibility.

So she can be reminded of

How soft she really can be.

Just like the white daisies,

He grew  for her on sunny days.

Because really she’s only

A timid deer hiding in thicker skin

For protection.

So now she’s saved once again.


Not forsaken or forgotten.

Remolded in the palm of a

Much more benevolent man.

That’s how it should always end.

That’s how agony turns into carry on.

Words: M(e.)

Random stock photo # 5g67v

My host’s delightful tune:

Penny And Sparrow and Joseph – Double Heart (Live Take Away at Cause A Scene)







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