Revamping Happenstance

BeFunky CollageVividly dreaming, of a another yesterday.

Or maybe it was just that other life

I have been starring in

On that other plane.

Where that green house sits

On such a clear blue river,

And my Hemingway

Awaits every Sunday

For our picnic lunch.

The one I found,

Late last night-

Searching France.

It’s twin.

Just waiting to house my past regret.

Waiting for me to paint its walls-


In the other life,

It’s red because there was

A lot less sadness.

The blue tint now

A stain of choices and impatience.

The one whose garden was ready to pick.

Not left with overgrown weeds,

And a dilapidated shed.

As beautiful,

And as organic as it should have been.

As our love manifested

Into our boundless happiness.

At least I found it in the hours

Of my loneliness,

So that when you are finally my guest-

We will just learn to forgive this epic’s tardiness.

Easily forgetting all that has transgressed-

By always wearing Sunday’s best

Paired with a love that’s always been tameless.

Words: M(e.) + The collision of reality, words, and dreams.

Pictures: The real estate agency that still has to wait a few short years for my call.

Perfectly Timed Inspiration: Pierre Van Dormeal-Undercover (Mr. Nobody OST)


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