Felix novus annus +Fragment 3.9372

May you remember all the desires that left you tired, sleepless, and blue in the  current winter in the newly coming year. May you also remember that passion that always drives that young being we all seem to carry and accomplish all those dreams instead of societal resolutions spoken in vain.

And this is my very special reminder to not always do what’s best for you.

I know it’s what I need to hear too.


Fragment 3.9372:

And oh darling, how sublimely trouble -with your handsome smile that lets slip such  hedonistically cabalistic tendencies.

If my lips were to touch yours, maybe  I could drain just a bit of you before I feed you too …

Before we both are web wrapped in savage ecstasy of warm skin and bewitchingly intrusive hands.

With a sultry smirk, I whisper a  promise -to try not to capture you unless, of course,  it’s what you want me to do. 

*Note: This lovely is french Canadian. Her work in french is also something to behold.


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