Inamorato Tarriance


Sometimes I believe I should apologize

For all those random incantations of me.

But I am reminded each

Are honestly just another rendition of a complex being.

Each death,

Simply, vibrantly vivid color she needed.

A new woman,

Wearing her newly clipped hair

And becoming whatever she imagined

She could be.

Her mosaic of needs

Hiding so very deep,

Waiting for that perfect key-

Manifested from

All the souls she meets.

Each new birth

Another happy moment

Collected for posterity.

Her prosterity, individually.

The blessing

And the curse-

Until she meets her harmonic paramour again

In this timeline of history.

That man so profound,

And dynamic,



And unrestrained-

He keeps up with all

Of her foretold destinies.

For now,

There are night’s sweetest dreams

Reminding her of the twilight songs

They used to sing.


Her Colorful Sea: KlarEm

The  Phantom From The Beginning: The Veils – Lavinia



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