Grounded Reality

Surrounded by idealists,

So very fascinated with me.

Three men with a light in their eyes,

As if I were the world’s perfect mystery.

And the only one I want to see,

So very far away from me.

And my heart weeps,

As it wishes it were

Further still if we can’t even speak.

I can’t survive if I’m missing these necessities.

They all only remind me of

All the things you used to be to me.

As those memories awaken

I slowly regain my urge

To annihilate everything

Especially your long gone part of me,.

Your sincerity

Will never be as deep

As the depths of my I love you.

Not until you learn about your own inevitability.

By then though,

You  probably won’t even have an urbane palate

For all that is me.

You learned to lie far too young,

To spend any of your destiny here with me.

At least that is all I can think,

Because you keep it all in and never declare anything.

So again,

I weep,

Just wishing the stars would appear at my door step

To help me escape this grounded reality.

Word: M(e.)

Accompanied by: Circa Waves- Get Away



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