Hubris is Rising, I say.


Fighting the battle daily

Of the new found movement of unrealistic reality.

My heart screams no,

As it attempts to control the bleed

Created by the lack of inclination.

The war rages heavily on,

Marking each new meeting

It’s very own two sided coin.

And my hands tremble at the thought

Of the required flip.

I used to be so very sure.

I used to let my glowing loving fire,

Dictate my fate-

Because I knew it was civilized.

But tapered swords

Replaced earnest convention

As I melded into

The funeral pyre of anti-climatic commonality.

And I’m left torn between who I am and who I was

With no desire-

Sorrowing for the writer

Like it wasn’t even me typing the soliloquy.

I hope I’ll make it back home at the end of the story.
Words: M(e.)

Soldier of Growing Indifference:budmedia

Song of the New Temporary Assembly: Black Mountain- Queens Will Play


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