Uncanny Uncertainty


Life, and her curves.

Stuck in the middle,

Indecision at the helm.

A former life,

A fantasy,

Melding with all future destiny.

Tired of the choice,

Of my hearts fickle dance.

It’s apprehensive learning curve.

Tired of constant second meeting,

Living always serendipity-

And never catching my breath.

Revolving devolution,

Or is that evolution’s best.

Change On the horizon,

Which turn will get rid of

All those second guesses.

I lament to the sky,

As I float the boat,

To find time to ruminate

On this crazy ship’s deck

In the middle of this,

Newfound tempest.

Introspection: M(e.)

Brave Bearer of Stormy Seas: Vittorio Pellazza

Newly Found Time Worn Tempest Hymn:Jetta- I’d Love to Change the World


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