Shore Healing


Lost in the land of

What does the world owe me.

Swimming in an ocean of I can’t,

You should,

I misplaced my original destiny.

Heads held low,

Holding on to my  own

Dissolving dreams.

Walls built around what he said

To her and what she said

To me.

What the neighbors have done,

Who’s walking the  red brick street

In the July heat.

Now I’m-

Trying to hide

From that killer,


Behind me

Whispering while I sleep.

Closing my eyes,

Remembering to smile,

Shutting off the valve

Of the sponge that

Has always been me.


My own candle-

With a trip down

To that blue,


Reflective sea.

Cut the ties

Of Gossip,

The broken seams

Stitched together in the


With their laughter,

Smiles and utopian ecstasy.

Set free.

Words M(e.)

Oceanfront Reverie: simbagumu

Gatekey: Black Mountain-Set Us Free


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