Agglomeration Encantation


Some things you never go back to

Some things you never slip away-

In a somber voice,

It rang loudly from the television

out into the room.


This quote converged with my own thoughts.

They can’t stay tucked beneath the clean bed sheets.

I can’t tidy them up with a waste basket painted orange.

The file cabinet  of my mind with sealed folders

Will always remain just that.

Full of things that can’t be unheard.

Full of things, and dreams, and maybes, and whens,

Forgotten moments, and the who should have beens.

The I can’t, I won’t, and if you loved me’s,

Lost promises and attention-

Eventually brewed with nullity.

Though sprung from the zero,

Mundane  slices of the day,

More powerful than most can even explain,

Are those little arrows of nonchalance

Wasting away  the simple, happy everythings.

It’s time to cleanse, refine, and repeat.

Words: M(e.)

Realistic Cage Of Modern Humanity: Pascalcampion

Rhythmic Adjunct: In Dreams – Ben Howard


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