Feuilleton Equinox


With that damp wind,

My senses begin to unknowingly grasp

At those memories,

Just a little more daily.

Like that afternoon with my feet in the sand.

All it takes is just the right amount of rain

hanging delicately in the air.

Just the right amount of greenery,

Pushing up from beneath the ground

To recall that morning coffee

On the balcony in the world

That balcony I never wanted to leave.

The veranda that held the two of us,

And no more worries,

Nothing more than the connectedness

That haunts me when I ache,

For something more than…

Simple platitudes-

Of pleasant living in such a world,

Of constant inconsistencies.

I languish for you,

the sun,

and the warm

of us becoming one again.

I miss  speaking without speaking,

our desire so  glib and reserved

while being so sublimely cognate.

Our passions bubbling below the surface,

Like the brook before the spring rain

Before it becomes a force of nature-

So distinctive, wild, and sumptuous.


A Distant Memory Captured: NXXOS

Shadow Apparition Apparatus: Typhoon – “Old Haunts, New Cities”


One thought on “Feuilleton Equinox

  1. It seems like we take life
    And live it day to day
    We go about thinking
    It’ll always be this way

    When bad things happen
    We ask why is it so
    Why did our luck change
    And our good fortunes go

    Some call it yen and yang
    Some call it good and bad
    Some think God is doing it
    And that makes them sad

    So don’t take it personally
    As things happen to you
    If you’d look into others lives
    Some skies are never blue

    We look back and think those times were better
    yet if we open our eyes, now might be better still

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