Exigency Efflorescence


I chose this time how to think about it all.

I turned just a bit to the southwest,

with a wide open mind about my own self.

I dared to even turn half way round,

So I could not see your face.

But I felt this time,

I held on to the greatest need,

I must begin to do things differently.

I wanted then to distract myself

With the western sunset.

Hoping I, amidst the burning sun

So quickly covering every part of

the evening sky,

I could mimic the effect of being undone.


I  thought best not to inadvertently

Incinerate every last memory,

Or the love you once were

Before I flipped through a picture book

Of every last endearing memory

I once had of what life with you

Was supposed to be.

Best not to char my own eyes

As if I  wanted to renounce

Anything new that could be.

I didn’t want to bury you deep

In the sphere constructed with my own spirit.

I did not want to yet again,

Hold another tribute

In dedicatory euphony.

I just wanted to omit my self

From the catastrophe and its impending catharsis.

Perhaps even with a pair of scissors.

Perchance, I could instead

Clip off the ill-favored part.

As if I were a plant,

So I could feed my newly budding flora instead.

I just wanted to stop the misfunction;

Stop trying to follow my set pattern,

And snip off those withered sections

That make me far less delicate

Than I undoubtedly yearn to be.

Words: M(e.)

Tip toe through the tulips: iamlovealbatron

Consort: Miss Missing You


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