Your doppelganger passes me on the street,

And I start to think

Is this really you because of all time unraveled inside of me.

If you asked me now

The answers would change.

The wants of youth long faded

Passed yet another stranger on its existential release.

Did the former part of me that you loved

Slink away around the corner

Or fade from time like that old,

Grade school rhyme that you grasp at sometimes

OR was it just an automatic erased memory

Replaced with more pertinent analogies.

Who knew just forgetting to think

Forgetting to remember,

Showed more about human nature

Than about why the rain drops

Fall so graciously down from the trees.

Distance, am I a person standing on the hill out of range

Or was I more like a fading light

With a round switch to use as you like as it turns to dark outside.

Did I turn over that part of me?

Like at the toll booth’s window to pass on to some other street.

Sad, as I realize the art I once held in high regard

Was a passenger on the way to in activity.

Doomed to rest on the docks,

In a closed metal crate

No one will ever see.

If we had it to do all over again,

Would we even meet?

Words-m(e.)                                                                           Photo- Amipal


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