Sitting in fear,

Just as adjusted as

Anyone else in the house here.

Turned slightly to the left,

For better reception of the receiving kind.

Open walls, open doors,

No more sitting safe from the outside.

Open for sake of the pain,

To learn of loss and gain.

Negating all the could be by starting again.

The youth does not forget,

But remembers that safe is no more kind,

Than knowingly walking toward agony.

Say, moving so quickly, to negate any cross thought

That would stop the steam train from its frontier.

We don’t keep any of those “could have been”s here, sir.

We choose to live lively, love entirely, and end the days with survey.

This is our goal to attain,

More people,

Sudden mishaps,

And stories that beat all of the rest.

These cannot be found in the branches of trees,

The quite comfort of your own inclined motherly nest.

Shake those maybes from your tussled mask

Scarred with hoary, tender grazes hidden underneath.

It is in the doing, the changing, the difference,

That leads us all down newly bound tracks.

The growth of fervent flame

Will never happen beneath the guise of a horse whip

Forcing the carriage to go until it’s morning again.



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