Peeking Between


Retrospect brings in a new mindset,

Ushering in a new found pact,

Eyes closed,

Sunshine on my face.

Smiles ceaselessly reminding me of

My glory gained.

I won against my own

Worst enemy.

I stand victorious,

New light with each faded memory.

News of what you once were

What you should be,

Barely reaching any tangible,

Touchable, corporeal part of symmetry.

Eyes closed only holding on to

The story of a memory.

Change no longer held it’s scary

Hold on the thoughts of my musings.

Brighter beaming,

Never ending,

Still ever new, ever seamless.

Like a new found hope created

Out of the depths of nothingness.

Joy, in reawakening, Joy in wisdom,

Joy of landing exactly where

I was intended to be.

Light beaming from recesses,

Peaking between the damaged pieces

That are fragmented no more.

Words – Me

Sounds  – The Allman Brothers: Soulshine

Sights -


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