I was left,

With vastly difficult,


A controlling force

Has a hold of me.

Step by step I make my way,

Road is lit by trust and destiny.

But there’s no time to move,

No time to think,

No time to devote,

To share my scheme.

I’m tucked safe and strong,

In a distant place,

Watching from the outside

Looking in on everything.

I’m not here,

I’m wandering,


Learning to break free.

My interspatial travel,

Has me distanced,

Makes me foreign.

Hides a lot of meaning.

I can’t form the words,

I don’t want to.

I’m hanging to them so tightly.

Riding them through storms,

Holding them with hope,

Shining ever so brightly.

This cautious nature

Is needed, It’s smart.

It’s ordained.

I’m living a book,

That I once forgot to read.

That was until,

I met a man on a train

And he shared everything.

Now I collide,

Into serendipitous moments,


Reading the new pages,

Learning to see.

It has me busy,


And far away from anything.


Words M(e.)

Photo: The dark abyss of the search engine: years ago.


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