Can’t Imagine


I paused in place as a small star covered paper passed my side, lading just to the edge of my foot as if it were meant to lie in that spot.

I could not come to terms in any rational fashion with the wadded mess, its origin, or position there on the middle of my lawn, instantly. It took more than a few moments to realize what was happening, as I stood holding my bag of photos and clothes that now represented some sort of treasure I could not bear to lose.

First, I thought the girls are messy and I should reprimand them when we get out of the church’s basement in about twenty minutes.

Then I realized, I knew the paper was not from anywhere near here and it had just descended from the sky because the wind carried it from a defeated town forty miles away. My face must have appeared strange to my daughter as the realization took hold while I watched even more pieces of paper float down to the grass and the words, “we better run” passed my lips in a scripted movie fashion.

Today, my heart goes out to all the people of Oklahoma, Kansas, and Iowa with their losses because I saw it, I saw the wind carry your belongings with the storm to my town, and I almost broke down because I cannot even imagine your loss.

May you find hope after the clouds clear today.

Photo I took after the storm.


3 thoughts on “Can’t Imagine

  1. Well written and thoughts go out to people. Similar things happen here but in the north of Australia

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