Wisdom in Yellow

                                                             yellow canary

I watched as the large flock of yellow Canaries timidly descended from the trees to hunt, peck, and rest in some sort of preprogrammed cycle. Their habit of trees to earth and back again after every noise reminded me; we are cautious yet aware, we are listening yet not, we are timid out of necessity and need not the other way around. Those long passed practices of self-defense make the modern world torridly turbulent as it manifests into unfounded anxieties limiting our prize of attainably, sated needs. As I watched their speckled coats move quickly to the sky, I realized how resilient they seemed because the simplicity of their function appeared more appealing than modern day revolution focused technologies. I suddenly became aware of their, consumption before distress, need driving their entire being and my new ideas needed to meet this ideology instead of basing goals on mere thoughts fashioned by sentient beings obsessed with progressively creative things.

Photo Stock Credit : http://meihua-stock.deviantart.com/

Words: (m)e.

Accompaniment Music : Yellow Bird – Porch Dog Revival Feat. Richard Welsh


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