Fragment 11.983

Forgive me, this is now months old. I felt cleaning drafts was due before years end. Interesting topic, as I, myself date older men. But there’s a line somewhere in 2016, no? Here’s to thinking one grew out of his teens just because the years passed and someone that would never ❤

Start tyrate after a 6 hour drive and too much time to think with my beautiful daughter next to me:

What sort of man incites such malice with in a kind heart like mine? One that thinks it’s funny to hit on my 15 year old daughter. One, that expects me to buy him unending beers. One, that leaves me in front of a busy hotel to meet a gaggle of men asking me why I’m an irish girl in part of town I don’t belong in, alone outside. The sort, that sits in a car silently, phone in hand, as I stave off a 6’3′ man accosting me in a parking lot I also didn’t belong in that all the while pretends he loves me.  But mostly, a 40 yo man wanting a child. I will always protect before I partake in anything selfish. If two 15 year olds had children, You’re practically old enough to be her grandfather.  Get it now?

So, enjoy the reality. The true one, not  some I’m  misunderstood delusion. I wonder if there is a public list for this man’s kind. Stop coming here as well. You are also not welcome to steal my writing for your own inspiration either.

In the meantime, perhaps a decent girl proving her point can be finished with a disappointment beyond imagination. Thanks for the momentary loss of faith in humanity. Good thing, I know how to make it, share it, give it, instead of take it.





Villt hross að fara

This years best season,

Ending on such sour notes,

Giving way to good harvest,

With a lesson-remote.

Curled lying lips corrupt,

Undue, unjust,

Never makes for loving so much.

Faded memory still passing like thinning fog

Only at the bottom of mountain tops on Tuesdays-

Leaving room for another’s endless hope I collect

Like the sun’s rays beaming trust.

So sorry for that luck,

I’m bundling up:

Emotional blackmail,

Piled on the porch untouched.

And I am returning to sender,

A forked tongue and angled tail benders.

All the stagnant,


Three soul mates a year sort of romantic love.

Along with the hateful glances of a barely mortal man’s drunken red anger

Based somewhere in the what I have’s-

What you should entail,

And the what happened not’s.

I leave it world’s away

Trying to control so much while-

Fabricating nebulous notions

for ornamental pickles.

Dangling  for the sake of art’s sake.

Emotional courtship only,

Floating the bragard’s specter boat-

Like it’s a hold you up crutch keeping hope afloat.

So it’s my serendipitous road from here on out,

To the golden ocher leaves of real adoration

And undying crimson devotional lust-

Hidden In his soft kiss and rough handed soul

Plucking strings like Santana,

Healing the troves of


And just his burning blue eyes,

Making diamonds out of my scars,

Between the planks on ocean pier moonlit walks.




Fragment 11.111

Happy Holidays to you and yours first off. May it not be the cluster chaos of mine and instead resplendently balmy and curative. 🙂

So moving along to my usual 😉


The morning fog

Thick above the ponds

Makes me feel alive again

And the city  looks like beautiful hope

Despite the many still eating their own kind

I wonder some days what I’ve accomplished finally

To gain such a genuine divinity  behind my smile.

I wonder too If perhaps I merely lost my mind.

I like to think per contra though-

I see the beauty in the tragedy now

My demons tamed,

My fears rearranged,

My pieces recollected

So that I may finally love with all of me for the first time.

Brightly like a meteor’s dying shine.

Limits be damned to man’s overthinking mind.


“Go outside and enjoy the greatest show in the universe — which is, of course, the universe itself.” – Rogier van der Heide




Fragment 10.900

The ghost in the mirror says hello. 

The carnival is coming together 

Along with bikers 

Stopped analyzing purpose at stop signs.

I just can’t wait to play games with the kids ❤

American horror story,

Hotel, witches, and carnival I’ll see you Monday singing my part as Elsa Mars to David Bowie.

With that 2016,

Loss and life,

Gain and harbor,

Holding and loving,

I’ll start again soon.

2020, vision on the horizon.

Cosmos on my tail,

So forward I’m moving burning a god damned trail.



The winds of change call ❤ I missed reading you all so. Hope to return soon but my red hair calls and it does always ignite the un-presumed. I still need to heal a 7 year love I’m missing thanks to the undue interruption and a 1 year anniversary of the absolution.I miss my bear before he lost his father too soon. I waited 3 years for you.



Resolved Dissonance 

Then love said be humble,

So he said but I’m beautiful.

Love cried,

Watch out for yourself,

But he said why would I want to?

Love pleaded innocent,

Yet he exclaimed you’re just rude.

Love apologized endlessly,

And he just said I want you to bleed like I do.

That’s when he said too,

I’m the emperor and the boss of you.

So love slipped out hastily,

And left this angry shellac copy of him to make due.


Fragment 10.444


Well this week it involves cotton candy and concert collective highs of the healing kind ❤

Rob Schneiders daughter is as funny as you would imagine. ❤ Elle King

I’m still floating so maybe everything that’s not on the internet. Man, I missed living when the power is out. Keep that grid baby  there’s still too much living to do.

This a wake up call 🙂